Research Assistant Position in Sustainable Drosophila suzukii management through the behavioral manipulation and ozone application on cherry and grapevine at Università degli Studi di Verona – Dipartimento di Biotecnologie in Italy

In the first task the project aims to develop an attract-and-kill strategy, with spray-application of insecticidal yeast/protein-based formulations on canopy. This technique would make possible to reduce the amount of active ingredients applied and increase the insecticides efficacy.

In the second task, we evaluate the efficacy of application of both gaseous and aqueous ozone in the fruit cellar for drying as a no residue and preventive insecticide against the adults of the invasive pest.

For admission to the selection process referred to in Art. 1, potential candidates must fulfil the following requirements: a)PhD or Master’s degree [Laurea Magistrale awarded pursuant to Art. 3(1n), Ministerial Decree no. 270 of 22/10/04] or previous Master’s degree [Laurea Specialistica awarded pursuant to Art. 3(1b), Ministerial Decree no. 509 of 03/11/99]

or previous Bachelor’s degree [awarded pursuant to the teaching systems prior to Ministerial Decree no. 509 of 03/11/99, at the conclusion of a study programme at least 4 years in length], and a suitable academic and professional background for conducting research; b)Knowledge of the following foreign language: English; c)Other requirements: documented research and/or development experience in the disciplinary sector: AGR/11 GENERAL AND APPLIED ENTOMOLOGY.

Eligibility of fellows: nationality/ies: AFRICA – EUROPE –  OCEANIA  – NORTH AMERICA -SOUTH AMERICA – ASIA

The competition will be carried out by an evaluation of titles and examination by means of an interview.

To apply : Send your application to: E-mail:

Website for additional job details: Application Deadline: 3 Aug 2023 – 23:59 (UTC)

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