I am recruiting! Looking to hire a postdoc & researcher this Fall, and PhD student to start Fall ’24.  If you love a mix of genomics, mol/cell bio, evolution, cool microbes, and/or reproduction.

Our Research at Lindsey Lab: The evolutionary history of eukaryotes is tightly linked to endosymbiosis and sexual reproduction. Not only was the evolution of eukaryotic life facilitated by the acquisition and vertical inheritance of intracellular microbes, but intracellular symbionts, organelles, and pathogens continue to sculpt the evolutionary trajectories of eukaryotes broadly.

In insects and other arthropods, there is an abundance of recently acquired endosymbionts that have evolved mechanisms for altering host sex and reproduction. Approximately half of all insects are infected with one such bacterium: Wolbachia. Despite how common Wolbachia is, we know relatively little about the mechanisms by which Wolbachia establishes infection in insects and alters their biology and evolutionary trajectories.

I am currently recruiting for two positions and PhD Student: I will likely take on a PhD student to start Fall 2024. Read below to see how this process works!

Graduate Students: I am currently a graduate advisor for the Entomology Graduate Program and for the Plant and Microbial Biology Graduate Program. Feel free to reach out to discuss funding and program options for MS and PhD. Across the University of Minnesota, the College of Food, Agricultural and Natural Resource Sciences, the Department of Entomology, and the Plant and Microbial Biology Graduate Program there are many recruiting fellowships that would open up options, in addition to funding opportunities from within the lab.

I follow a relatively standard US graduate program recruitment cycle: prospective graduate students would ideally start in the Fall semester, which means they should apply to the graduate program the previous Fall semester. I ask that prospective students reach out to me first to discuss interests, goals, and opportunities, and then submit their graduate program application by December 1st.

This facilitates opportunities for securing fellowships, and ensures that I do not waste your time with applying if I am the only PI you are looking to work with and I know I will not have the resources to support a student for that cycle. Additionally, this allows for simultaneous review of applicants regardless of which graduate program(s) they are interested in. To apply: Shoot Dr. Lindsey an email alindsey@umn.edu  with your CV and interests to get the conversation started.

Post-Doctoral Associate, broadly related to mechanisms and consequences of asexual reproduction. The details are flexible and can accommodate the candidate’s interests and goals. Read more and apply at: https://hr.myu.umn.edu/jobs/ext/356512

Researcher 2 Position on, Wolbachia-host interactions with a touch of lab management. Read more and apply at: https://hr.myu.umn.edu/jobs/ext/356534

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