About Università degli Studi “G. d’Annunzio” Chieti – Pescara; D’Annunzio University is a public research university located in Chieti and Pescara, neighbouring cities in the region of Abruzzo, Italy. Established in 1960 as a higher education institute and named after writer and poet Gabriele D’Annunzio, it was officially recognised as an independent university in 1965 by Minister Luigi Gui. D’Annunzio University has long been associated with basic and advanced scientific research. In addition to state funding, it receives financial support from the D’Annunzio University Foundation, an organization which exists to manage gifts and donations to the university.

Call for 185 PhD positions, Doctoral Programme – 39th Cycle Academic Year 2023-2024 Deadline for Applications: August 4th, 2023 at 1:00 P.M. (Italian time).

SELECTION FOR THE ADMISSION – INSTITUTION: The University announces the 39th cycle of the Ph.D. Programme with the public call for admission to the below listed courses (Attachment n°1). The duration of all Ph.D. courses is three years, starting from 1st November 2023.



The PhD courses activation is subject to the completion of the accreditation procedure and the verification of the requirements by the Italian Ministry for University and Research (MUR). Università degli Studi “G. d’Annunzio” Chieti – Pescara Therefore, the selections will be carried out only for the PhD courses that have received the accreditation or its confirmation by the Ministry. The number of places with scholarship may be increased following further funding from external parties to the university administration, which will be announced by means of a specific notice.


Applicants, regardless of age and citizenship status, can apply for the admission to the selection procedure if they have awarded at least one of the following degrees: a) Laurea Magistrale, Magistrale a ciclo unico or Laurea Specialistica (Master’s Degree); b) Laurea di Vecchio Ordinamento (pre-1999 reform); c) A non-Italian Second Cycle Degree (Master’s Degree or Single Cycle Degree) awarded by an academic institution equivalent to the above mentioned degrees (letters a, b), or an equivalent second-level degree issued by an AFAM (Alta Formazione Artistica e Musicale) institution.

Applicants who are yet to obtain their Second Cycle Degree are admitted to the selection procedure on condition that they obtain their degree by no later than October, 31st 2023.

All candidates who have obtained a degree by an Italian University, whether they are EU-citizens or NON-EU, have to provide a self-declaration of their academic degree and will be admitted conditionally. The administrative office may, at any time of the procedure, check on the declarations produced. In case of falsity, the University may exclude the student from the Ph.D. course.


The gross amount of the scholarship, according to the Ministerial Decree n.247 of February 23rd, 2022, amounts to € 16.243,00 per year; this amount includes I.N.P.S. – National Insurance Contributions. The annual personal gross income limit for the acceptance of the scholarship is €16.000,00. The cases of total or partial incompatibility for benefiting from a scholarship are fixed by specific rules in force. I.a.: according to L.398/89 art.6 comma 2, “Students can’t be awarded of the same doctoral scholarship twice”. In case of verified incompatibility, the amount of money unduly received has to be refunded.

The reimbursement refers to the academic year or to a part of it. Scholarships are paid to PhD candidates on a monthly basis (payment is usually processed on the 25th day of the month. The amount of the scholarship can be increased by 50% for research periods spent abroad (maximum 12 months), previously authorized by the Ph.D. Course Coordinator. This period can be increased up to 18 months overall in case of PhD students in joint supervision.

The scholarships are non-cumulative, that is they cannot be combined with other grants, except for those awarded by national or foreign scientific Institutions for activities related to study research periods spent abroad. From the first year of activity, an additional budget not inferior of 10% of the scholarship will be granted to students with/without scholarship. If the financial agreements with external Entities will not be duly completed the related positions shall not be awarded, even if indicated in the PhD Programme Table.


Attending a PhD programme implies a full-time and exclusive commitment for PhD candidates. They can conduct a limited, additional or integrative teaching activity that shall not in any case compromise their research training. Such teaching activity must be allowed by the Professors’ Board that defines its modalities.

The acceptance of scholarships labeled as PNRR implies the following obligations: a. for basic PNRR scholarships, PhD students must spend a period of training and research abroad of at least six months; b. for scholarships labeled as “PNRR PA”, “PNRR Cultural Heritage” and “PNRR Digital and Environmental Transitions”, PhD students must spend: i. a period of training and research abroad of at least six months, and ii. periods of training and research in companies, research centers or public administration from a minimum of six months to a maximum of twelve months; c. for scholarships labeled as “PNRR DM 117/2023”, PhD students must spend: i. a period of training and research abroad of at least six months, and ii. periods of study and research in companies from a minimum of six months to as maximum of twelve months Ph.D. students if authorized by the Ph.D. Coordinator could spend a period of study abroad and obtain further mobility allowance by University.

In case of unsatisfactory outcomes during the intermediate evaluations and of unjustified and prolonged absence, or if the Ph.D. student adopts behaviours not coherent with the research deontology the Professors’ Board is authorized to exclude him/her from the course. The attendance of Ph.D. courses can be interrupted in the following cases: maternity, paternity, serious and documented illness, for adoption and family custody, for temporary/permanent employment with the public administration during the trial period, for teacher training, military service or civilian service, as well as for study or work opportunities, for a maximum period of 6 months.

– OWNERSHIP OF RESULTS AND CONFIDENTIALITY Intellectual and industrial property rights over any result achieved by PhD candidates (e.g. including software, industrial inventions – whether patentable or not – know-how, models, data and data collections, etc.) are disciplined by the relevant National Legislation into force, the University internal regulations, and other agreements signed between the University and third parties if any.

Attachment 1: PhD Programmes AND PROJECTS


Application for admission, one for each Ph.D. course for which the applicant wishes to compete, must be submitted on-line by August 4th, 2023 at 1:00 P.M (Italian time). The on-line procedure will be open from July 10th, 2023. The applicant must connect at https://unich.esse3.cineca.it/Home.do  (for English version, click on the English flag) and follow the instructions, filling in all the required fields. It is mandatory to attach a valid identity document with photograph.

Università degli Studi “G. d’Annunzio” Chieti – Pescara The application is correctly saved only when, at the end of the procedure, the candidate will receive a confirmation e-mail. Candidates are required to use a personal email address e.g. name.surname@provider (Nicknames are excluded) and indicate in CV their own account skype (for exams carried out remotely). At the end of the procedure, applicants have to print the final receipt and present it duly signed to the Admission Board. All the required documentation as indicated in the specific form (Attachment 1) of the PhD course must be attached in pdf format not exceeding 5 megabyte (MB).

There is no application fee to be paid. Each applicant can apply for more than one PhD Course. The candidates have the responsibility to verify that the procedure is duly completed. The administration is not responsible for any on-line applications improperly closed by candidates. Incomplete or irregular applications or missing mandatory attachments will not be considered valid. Once confirmed the online procedure, it will not be possible to add any other documentation. Applications that are not submitted as described herein will not be considered. For assistance and information: http://www.unich.it/infostudenti

SELECTION PROCEDURE Information about doctoral positions, research topics, scholarships, specific requirements and assessment criteria are detailed in the PhD Programme Tables (Attachment 1). Candidates are required to present themselves on the day, time and established place without any further convocation. In order to take the examination, applicants must provide a valid identification document.

In the case of examination held remotely, the Admission Board will get in touch with the candidates via e-mail. Candidates with disabilities must submit a medical certificate issued by the competent health authorities to the following e-mail address: servizio.disabilitaedsa@unich.it by July 28th, 2023.

ADMISSION BOARD The Admission Board members are appointed by the Rector. Each Admission Board, for the evaluation of each candidate, has a maximum of one hundred (100) points. The candidate must achieve at least 60/100 to pass the exam.

FINAL RANKING LIST The final ranking list contains the applicants who passed all the admission examinations. According to their place in the final ranking list, successful applicants are awarded one of the positions offered by this Call and are admitted to a PhD programme. In case two or more applicants have the same final score, if the position is covered by a scholarship, the assessment of applicants’ economic situation will be the criterion to choose the successful one.

The topic-specific positions (if available) bind the applicants to carry out their doctoral research on a specific topic that is indicated in the programme Table of the PhD chosen. Reserved and topic-specific positions are not assigned only according to the applicant’s placement in the general ranking list, because they require a specific evaluation by the Admission Board. Therefore, the positions are awarded following the ranking order of the applicants who are eligible and fulfil the specific requirements regarding each position.

In case of a missing or late acceptance by a successful candidate before the starting of the courses, to the following eligible candidate on the list will be offered the position. If a successful applicant withdraws from a position the following applicant in the ranking list, who is also eligible for the position, will be contacted. In case of “topic specific positions” (“tema vincolato”) the positions are awarded following the ranking order of the applicants eligible for the specific requirements. If a candidate is admitted contemporarily to two or more Ph.D. courses, he/she will choose to attend only one of them. Rankings will be published on the following websites: https://www.scuolasuperiore.unich.it and University website.

ENROLMENT The publication of the rankings list will represent official notification to the winners of the competition results. Therefore, the administration will NOT send any communication via e-mail and the publication of the competition results will have full legal notification value. Candidates admitted to the courses are responsible for checking the dates and enrolment procedures.

At the start of the online Enrolment process, the student must have the following documents: Università degli Studi “G. d’Annunzio” Chieti – Pescara a) Scanned copy of your ID (back and front) in pdf or jpeg format b) Scanned copy of the fiscal code or health card in pdf or jpg format (N.B. only for non-EU students if not in possession of the fiscal code it is not mandatory) c) Passport size photo in pdf or jpg format d) Only for non-EU students, scanned copy of a valid residence permit where specified the reason for the release or copy of the application. e) Successful candidates must register exclusively on-line  and pay the enrolment fee within the following seven working days (ie, excluding Saturdays, Sundays and Italian public holidays) from the date of publication of the final ranking list.

For the registration of the enrolment process please follow the following steps:

  1. access the portal https://unich.esse3.cineca.it  using the username and password used during the registration for the competition. In case you forgot or lost your password contact the Info Studenti at the following email: infostudenti@unich.it
  2. for English version please click on Menu (top-right) and select “eng”
  3. click again on menu (top-right)
  4. Login (username and password)
  5. Registration
  6. Enrolment

The enrolment fee must be paid via the PagoPA system, with one of the following methods:

  • direct payment (credit cards or bank transfers through the affiliated banks) by clicking on on the “Pay by PagoPA” button;
  • deferred payment, bringing your PagoPA invoice to a bank, a post office, a SISAL or Lottomatica point, or using your home banking system, by clicking on the button “Print notice for PagoPA” on the following link: https://www.pagopa.gov.it

In case of replacement, the eligible applicants next in line will receive a communication to their email address. In this case, the applicant must complete the enrolment process within the deadline specified in the mail, otherwise the replacement procedure will continue, and the next eligible applicant will be contacted.

The admission of candidates with degree obtained in a NON-EU country will take place after a declaration of validity “Dichiarazione di Valore”, issued by the competent Italian Consulate or Embassy in the country where the academic degree was issued or with the Diploma Supplement, legalized by the competent authorities. After the completion of the University enrolment process, the applicants who require a VISA to stay in Italy must register on Universitaly website and carry out the “pre-enrolment” to the PhD programme.

PERSONAL DATA In accordance with art. 13 of the EU Regulation 2016/679, the processing of the personal data provided by the applicants, participating to the selection procedure, or acquired for this purpose, by the University aims to carry out only the activities of the selection procedure. Data will be managed by the people in charge of the selection procedure, including the Admission Boards, in the manner and within the limits necessary to achieve the above-mentioned purposes, which may also be communicated to third parties. Further information can be requested to: Scuola Superiore – phone +39 0871 3556077/6662/6049/5809, email: email: scuolasuperiore@unich.it

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