I am recruiting 1-2 M.S. students to join my lab in the Department of Ecology at Montana State University in January 2024. While specific projects will depend on individual interests and career goals, students can expect to participate in research on the conservation and population genomics of birds in Western North America and / or the tropical Pacific.

Research aims include describing genomic variation across species ranges, identifying patterns of dispersal in complex landscapes, and inferring how populations have responded to habitat loss, invasive species, and historical climate change. Students will be supported by Graduate Research Assistantships (GRAs), which provide a stipend of $2,200 per month for two years, a tuition waiver for up to 6 credits each semester, and health insurance.

Helpful qualifications include an academic background in ecology and evolution, strong writing and quantitative skills, and field experience with birds or other animals. I also value curiosity, perseverance, logistical abilities, and attention to detail. However, graduate school is a training opportunity, and I encourage motivated candidates to apply regardless of their specific preparation.

I am a new faculty member and first-year professor broadly interested in the forces that shape genetic variation in birds, and their implications for conservation. Work in my lab touches on many subfields of evolutionary biology and ecology, and members will develop skills in field ornithology, bioinformatics, statistics, programming, and scientific writing.

I aim to cultivate a lab culture and scientific practice that is equitable and welcoming of diversity in all its dimensions, including class, gender identity and sexual orientation, race and ethnicity, and life experience. Montana is home to 12 Tribal Nations, and I am particularly committed to providing opportunities to Indigenous students.

Montana State University is located in the vibrant small city of Bozeman, on the northern edge of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. Bozeman is known for its beautiful natural setting and access to outdoor recreation, its live music, and a food and drink scene that punches above its weight.

To apply, email a short cover letter, a CV, and contact information for three references to me at ethanblinck@gmail.com . Your cover letter should include your motivations for pursuing a graduate degree, a description of your academic / professional background, and some discussion of the scientific questions that excite you.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have questions about the position, application process, or life in Montana. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis, with a final deadline of 1 October 2023. I’ll reach out to all candidates with decisions later that week.

Ethan Linck, Ph.D. Senior Research Scientist,  Ethan Linck ethanblinck@gmail.com

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