Multiple postdoctoral and/or graduate student positions in RNA biology and plant molecular genetics in Texas A&M University Multiple postdoctoral and/or graduate student positions are available in the laboratory of Dr. Xiuren Zhang in Department of Biochemistry and Biophysics and Department of Biology, Texas A&M University.

The Zhang lab utilizes a combination of molecular, biochemical, genetic, -omics and artificial intelligence approaches to understand RNA silencing including epigenetics and posttranscriptional gene silencing in plants, with recent expansion into a broad RNA biology in different organisms. The Zhang lab also studies host-microbe interaction at different genetic layers.

The successful candidates will actively participate in, but not be limited to, the following projects:

  1. Comprehensively study several novel genes and components in RNA silencing
  2. identified through our genetic and biochemical screening systems.
  3. Genetic codes embedded in RNA secondary structures and epi-transcriptome.
  4. Host-microbe interaction at the epigenetic level or other genetic pathways.
  5. RNA modifications and heart failure in mammals.

Ph.D. student candidates from various majors including genetics, crop breeding, molecular biology, and biochemistry among others are welcome to apply through one of two graduate programs (Department of Biology and Molecular Environmental Plant Science) at Texas A&M University. The former program typically recruits students in Fall semester whereas the other one can start in Spring semester. Score of TOEFL, but not GRE, is required for international candidates.

Ph.D. students will be supported and comprehensively trained through Research Assistantship for 5 years. Postdoc applicants should process a fresh Ph.D. degree with solid training in biochemistry, molecular biology, genetics, and/or basic computational analysis with at least one first-authored publication(s) in a prestigious journal from their PhD work.

Candidates should be highly motivated and ambitious with excellent English communication skills. Whereas we have numerous promising projects in hands, we also encourage postdoc fellows to develop their own identities in research directions based on our platform. Applications are accepted immediately until the positions are filled.

The baseline forannual salary for postdoc fellows will be $50,000/year in Texas A&M where the cost expense is much lower than that in metropolitan cities. The initial appointments are for two years, and reappointment will depend on satisfactory job performance and mutual agreement.

Our selected publications in the past 5 years include Wang, et al.,2018, Nature; Ma, et al., 2018, Dev Cell; Hu, et al., 2019, PloS Pathog; Li, et al., 2020,Nat. Plants; Sun, et al., 2021, Sci Adv., Wang, et al., 2022, Sci Adv., Shang, et al.,2023, PNAS. Wang, et al., 2023. Nat. Comm.(revision); Zhang, et al., 2023. GenomeBiol. (Under review).

To apply:  Interested applicants should send a CV, a summary of research experience, and contact information for at least three references by email to .

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