Public competition for admission to PHD programs, University of Basilicata, XXXIX cycle – academic year 2023-2024  The admission exam, aimed at ascertaining the candidate’s aptitude for scientific research, takes place through the evaluation of qualifications and an interview during which, the candidate must illustrate the research project whose presentation is mandatory.

The procedures for carryng out the selection, for each PhD program, are indicated in the forms in Annex 1 to the announcement. The amount of the scholarship is increased by max 50%, for six months stay. Starting from the first year, each student is assured, a grant for research activities in Italy and abroad, not less than 10% of the scholarship itself.

Selective procedures are issued for admission for Ph.D programs listed below: Cities and Landscapes: Architecture, Archaeology, Cultural Heritage, History and Resources
2) Engineering for Innovation and Sustainable Development
3) Science
4) Agricultural, Forestry and Food Sciences
5) History, cultures and knowledge of Mediterranean Europe from antiquity to the contemporary age.

Art. 2 – Admission requirements:

Those who are in possession of one of the following qualifications, without any limitation of age, sex, citizenship may apply for the competition: a. University degree obtained under the previous educational systems (ex ante D.M. 509/99, whose legal course has at least a four-year term); b. Laurea specialistica/magistrale (D.M. 509/99 and D.M. 270/2004); c. Equivalent academic qualification obtained abroad (see art. 3).

Those who have only the three-year degree cannot apply. The participation to competitive examination is also open to those who will obtain their Master Degree by the scheduled enrollment date. In this case, conditional admission shall be granted. The Administration will check these requirements by the aforementioned date: failure to meet these requisites will result in the irrevocable loss of the right to enroll.

For candidates who have not yet obtained the title, commissions, instead of graduation and degree grade thesis, consider the weighted average of the marks obtained in all the tests of the course of study that gives access to the competition, incurred to the date of submission of the application for admission.
Those who already completed a PhD program can enroll in a different PhD program.

Those who are enrolled in the same PhD program (previous doctoral cycle) without scholarships are not eligible to participate in the competition for the same PhD program in which are already enrolled. Equal opportunities for men and women are guaranteed as provided for by law N. 125/1991 and art. 57 of Legislative Decree N. 165/2001.

The University may exclude, at any time, applicants who are lacking the requisite conditions. Art. 3 – Foreign academic titles Candidates with foreign academic title already recognized by the academic authorities, must enclose the declaration of equivalence to an Italian degree together with the documents referred to the PhD program selected (see art. 4.1).

In the absence of such a declaration, the candidate must specifically request it in the application form. The Competition Commission of each PhD program shall decide on the suitability of a foreign academic qualification, solely for the purpose of admission to the doctoral chosen. The candidates must attach relevant and mandatory paperwork in order to allow the assessment of their titles, including:

1. a self-certification according to Presidential Decree 445/2000 of academic qualification, with a list of exams, the scores and the legal duration of the course, if Italian and EU citizens;

  1. certificate of the academic qualification, with a list of exams, the scores and the legal duration of the course, together with an Italian translation, if non-EU citizens. The translation must be signed under their own responsibility.
    The lack of the above mentioned documents will result in the exclusion from the competition. Candidates who are admitted to the PhD course, within sixty days from the date of registration, on pain of forfeiture, must submit the following documentation:
  1. the titles translated and legalized by the competent Italian consular or diplomatic missions abroad;
  2. the “Dichiarazione di valore in loco” of foreign academic titles, issued by the Italian diplomatic representation (Embassy or Consulate) in the country where the qualification was awarded, containing the following specifications: a. legal duration of the qualification; b. equivalence to give access to a PhD program in the country where it was awarded; c. type of university that issued it (legally recognized under national law); d. higher education system;
    e. a complete list of exams; f. if possible, the Diploma Supplement [1] in the original or a certified copy (in Italian or English) provided by the same university that issued it.


Candidates with any academic qualification certificates, documents or publications considered useful for the purposes of the competition procedures must attach the following certificates, documents and publications, except in the cases in Annex 1/, for each PhD program: 1) a self-certification to prove to meet the requirements in accordance with articles 46 and 47 of the Presidential Decree 445/2000, using the form in Annex A, for candidates holding an Italian degree.

Under penalty of non-admission to the selection, the self-certification must be signed and accompanied by an identity document; 2) degree certificate indicating exams taken, or a description of the degree with a list of exams taken, “Dichiarazione di valore in loco” (see art. 3) together with a statement of truth of the certificates attached, in accordance with Articles 46 and 47 of the President’s Decree 445/2000 using the form in Annex B, for candidates holding a foreign degree; 3) scanned copy of a valid identity card or passport; 4) curriculum vitae; 5) research project, using the form in Annex C, in Italian and english (obligatory); 6) summery thesis/thesis (see Annex 1/ for each PhD program); 7) scientific publications; 8) other titles (academic, professional, linguistic and documents considered useful for the purposes of evaluation – see Annex 1/ for each PhD program); 9) reference letters (if requested).

All academic qualifications, documents and publications considered useful for the application procedure must be attached in .pdf or .rtf file form. In accordance with the article 40 of President’s Decree 445/2000, certificates regarding personal qualities, status and facts issued by the public administration can be only used for private purposes. Self-certification, under articles 46 and 47 of President’s Decree 445/2000, can replace attested declarations for public administration or public services purposes.

Publications in languages other than Italian or English, or which do not include a summary in one of the abovementioned languages, must be produced in the original language and translated into Italian.

Certificates issued by the competent authorities of the foreign candidate’s country of citizenship must comply with the provisions in force in the same country. Certificates in a language other than Italian, must also be translated and authenticated by the competent Italian diplomatic or consular authorities.

An Italian translation must be attached to all documents written in a language other than Italian and must be certified by a competent Italian diplomatic authority or an official translator.

[for details, see Attached 1/a, 1/b, 1/c, 1/d, 1/e) datasheets]. 44 places are available, of which 38 with a scholarship:

Public announcement PhDs academic year 2023/2024 – XXXIX cycle

Annex 1 – 1/a – 1/b – 1/c – 1/d – 1/e
Annex A
Annex B
Annex C
Annex E

Online application

Application deadline: september 4, 2023 at 11:59 PM (italian time)

How to apply:

Applications for admission to competitions and any required enclosures must be submitted following the online procedure available of the website, by the final deadline of September 4, 2023 at 11:59 PM (italian time), when the competition closes (new users must register by selecting “Registrazione”; those who have already registered should select “Login” and proceed with the following steps: insert username and password, and then, in the “Segreteria Studenti”, select “Test di ammissione” → “Iscrizione concorsi” → “Dottorato di ricerca”).

Candidates failing to comply will not be considered. Candidates interested in a PhD program must submit an admission application, with a request to take part in the relevant selection procedure. Each application must refer to a single selection procedure and will require a payment of € 30.00, not refundable. Therefore, candidates wishing to apply to more than one selection procedure must submit a separate application and the € 30.00 fee for each selection procedure. The payment can be made at any bank branch in Italy (including automatic teller machines, via telephone banking or Internet banking for those banks providing such services), using PagoPA.

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