Postdoctoral research project in plant structure & function Canada Research Chair in Biomechanics of Plant Development, Department of Plant Science, McGill UniversityLocation: McGill University, Montreal, Quebec, Canada (Macdonald Campus)

Project: This HFSP-funded collaborative project aims to analyze the 3D structure, architecture, development, and mechanics of the leaf mesophyll. The goal is to understand developmental processes and structural optimization that reconcile photosynthetic efficiency with mechanical stability of the plant leaf. Collaborators include engineers and evolutionary biologists.

You are: * No more than 3 years past your PhD * Trained in plant molecular or cell biology, high-end imaging * Experienced with Arabidopsis mutants & transgenes, confocal microscopy, fluorescence markers, image analysis & processing, 3D imaging.

Assets include experience in electron microscopy (scanning, transmission), x-ray imaging, machine learning, programming in R or Python * Self-driven, organized, team worker

Opportunity: * Key role in a collaborative, highly interdisciplinary project bridging cell biology, ecology, biomechanics and engineering * Mentoring role for graduate & undergraduate students * Preparation for an independent academic career through leadership skills development

Funding: Available for up to 3 years Start date: October 2023 or soon thereafter;

Send your application package (motivation letter, CV listing research experience and technical skills, relevant papers, references) to: Professor Anja Geitmann Department of Plant Science, McGill University, Signal interest and/or submit your package ideally before August 31, 2023.

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