With an increasing demand in food security novel approaches to farming are needed. This project is focused on the development of nanotechnology for pesticide and gene delivery to plants to combat pathogens and environmental threats. The Steinmetz Lab at UC San Diego is seeking a talented and motivated post-doctoral researcher.

We are particularly interested to recruit researchers with a background in nanotechnology (ideally using biological nanotechnologies) and interest to perform research projects focused on applying nanotechnology and drug delivery concepts to plants. (Candidates with an interest in medical applications will not be considered.)

The candidate will receive mentoring to prepare him/her for future careers in academia or industry, including project management skills, proposal writing and effective scientific communication. The candidates will have the opportunity and are expected to prepare peer-reviewed manuscripts and attend scientific conferences.

Qualifications Required and Preferred Academic Background:

The ideal candidate should demonstrate creativity, passion for scientific inquiry, and an ability to link fundamental science to real-world applications. The ideal candidate will also have: a PhD degree in nanotechnology, biotechnology, chemistry, biomedical/chemical engineering, or related disciplines. Prior post-doc experience is not required and not desired.

The Steinmetz Lab and UC San Diego offer a highly collaborative and interdisciplinary research environment. The candidate will have access to state-of-the art research facilities across the UC San Diego campus.

Application Procedure: Interested applicants should send the following materials to nsteinmetz@ucsd.edu A cover letter summarizing their research accomplishments and interests, Curriculum vitae, Closing date 28 Aug 2023

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