The University of Queensland Australia is a public institution that was established in 1909. It is located in and around Brisbane, Australia, the capital of Queensland. The university has three main campuses: the St Lucia campus, where the large majority of students study; the Gatton campus, the university’s hub for agriculture and veterinary science; and the Herston campus, which houses the school’s clinical health facilities.

Other University of Queensland sites – including marine research stations, teaching hospitals and an underground mine – are located around Queensland. We have one of the most generous offerings in the state, with scholarships that can help with financial support, tuition, accommodation, mentoring and industry experience.

If you’re a postgraduate research (HDR) student, you may also be eligible for scholarships aligned to different research funding types, including:

  • living stipend – the major scholarships are living stipends, these offer ~$29K per year (tax free) in fortnightly payments to help cover your living costs
  • top-ups – if you’re on a living stipend scholarship, you could be eligible for a top-up scholarship to boost your living stipend
  • financial award (grants and bursaries) – grants and bursaries are usually given as a one-off award. This could be a lump sum or funds to put towards extra-curricular activities 
  • travel – if you’re going on a trip as part of your studies, we have scholarships that provide travel allowance to cover your travel costs. 

Looking for a PhD in plant sciences to lead research on dealing with climate change? The IRTG Accelerating Crop Genetic Gain at QAAFI, University of Queensland has 5 new PhD scholarships to fill:

1 – Two PhD Full Scholarships in Beat the Heat: Adapting Chickpea and Faba Bean to a Hotter World. For details visit:  

2 – PhD Full Scholarship in Exploring the Genetic Potential to Improve Wheat Quality and Sustainability; for details visit:

3 – PhD Scholarship in Genetic Architecture of Stomatal Traits for Drought Adaptation in Sorghum; for details visit:  

4 – PhD Full Scholarship in Plant Breeding “Improving Sorghum Pollen Resilience to Future Climates; for details visit:

UQ is one of Australia’s top research-intensive universities. Our research makes an impact on the world’s cultural, environmental, economic and social challenges.

A Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) is an internationally recognised graduate research program that will enable you to become an independent researcher.  With the guidance of an advisory team, you’ll undertake a research project, produce an 80,000-word thesis and complete an oral examination.A PhD takes 3 to 4 years full-time. Under guidance, you’ll develop advanced research skills and knowledge in your chosen field.

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