University of Tuscia, Viterbo – Call for the Admission to PhD positions XXXIX Cycle – a.y. 2023/2024, with the assignment of doctoral scholarships funded by the University of Tuscia or by external bodies or under the National Plan of Recovery and Resilience, Mission 4 Component 2 of the NPRR – “From Research to Business”, scholarships referred to the Ministerial Decrees n. 117/2023 and n. 118/2023 within the NPRR funded by the European Union (Next Generation EU)- Deadline extended to: 28 August 2023 at 2 p.m. Central Europe Summer Time)

The University of Tuscia hereby announces a public selection for admission to following PhD Programs for the XXXIX cycle, academic year 2023/24:

➢ European and global markets law. Crisis, rights, regulation ➢ Ecology and sustainable management of environmental resources ➢ Economics, management e quantitative methods ➢ Engineering for energy and environment ➢ Plant and animal sciences ➢ History and cultural heritage ➢ Science, technology and biotechnology for sustainability ➢ Society in change: policies, rights and security

In Annex A, which forms an integral part of this Call, for each course the location, course Coordinator, research topics, the number of the available positions, with and without scholarship, selection procedure and qualifications assessed, admission test timetable and programs offered are specified.

3. The number of positions with scholarship could be increased depending on further funding from external public or private entities, obtained both through competitive calls and through agreements. In these cases, where the grant is funded on a specific theme or projects, the university reserves the right to use new selection procedures.

Admission requirements:

1. The following people can apply in the selections, without age and citizenship restrictions: a) those who, at the deadline of the Call, have obtained a specialist degree (D.M. No. 509/1999), or alternatively, a Master’s degree diploma (D.M. No. 270/2004), or a degree diploma (old system), or a similar academic qualification, also obtained abroad, and declared equivalent or recognized as suitable for admission to the PhD Courses, based on the principles sanctioned by international conventions on the subject; b) or those who do not meet the above requirement at the deadline of the Call, provided that they achieve the qualification required for participation by 31st October 2023, under penalty of forfeiture of admission, in the event of a successful selection.

The suitability of the foreign qualification will be ascertained by the PhD examination Board, for the sole purpose of this selection, in compliance with current legislation, in Italy and in the country where the qualification was issued, and with international treaties or agreements on the subject of recognition of qualifications for the continuation of studies.

3. Students currently enrolled without a scholarship can participate to competitive exams for the same PhD Programme they are already attending, but, if admitted, they cannot enrol unless they formally resign their doctoral position with the relevant Doctorate Committee. Those who already hold a PhD are allowed to enrol, upon successfully passing the admission tests, another PhD Programme without scholarship (if they have been already granted one in the previous PhD), provided that topics and main scientific sectors are different from those related to the already obtained PhD.

4. Applicants will be excluded or application will be rejected if: – the requested documents and information are not provided within the deadline and according to the rules laid down in the Call; – the application fee not payed within set out terms; – the academic qualification awarded abroad is not recognized as equivalent to an Italian qualification. – the “Diploma Supplement” or the “Dichiarazione di valore” issued by the University or the Italian embassy/consulate in the country where the degree was issued, respectively; or a certification of eligibility issued by CIMEA, is not provided to the PhD Office within the prescribed term.

International qualifications 1. In order to be considered eligible to apply within this call for PhD admission, higher education degrees awarded by foreign universities must be assessed equivalent to an Italian second level degree (Article 3.1). The Admission Board (Article 10) will carry out a comparative assessment of qualifications in order to award, for the sole purpose of admission to this selection process, the recognition of eligibility of international qualifications.

2. Applicants who hold international qualifications must therefore upload within the online application procedure the following documents: a) second cycle degree diplomas – Master’s Degree level – that allow admission to PhD level/3rd cycle studies in the home country, awarded by a recognized academic Institution, with final mark; b) academic qualification obtained abroad, of at least four years’ duration, equivalent in terms of level of study (Master’s Degree) to the Italian qualifications specified above; c) transcripts of records of Master’s Degree with complete grading; d) any other document useful for the recognition of eligibility (such as the Diploma Supplement or the “Dichiarazione di valore” issued by the University or the Italian embassy/consulate in the country where the degree was issued, respectively; or a certification of eligibility issued by CIMEA .

3. Failure to provide the documents listed in points a) or b) and c) will result in the exclusion from the selection procedure. Applicants who apply under the condition of receiving their qualification from the University, shall submit the transcript of records with the list of exams passed (all the exams in their Master’s Degree Program), grades and credits.

Ph.D. Scholarships:

1. The scholarship, pursuant to Ministerial Decree 247/2022, amounts to €16.243,00 gross per year and it is paid on a monthly basis and includes National Insurance Contributions (INPS) which scholarship recipients are required to pay. 4. The gross annual taxable income limit to be eligible for the PhD scholarship is set at € 14.000,00, excluding the scholarship. The duration of the scholarship payment is equal to the entire duration of the PhD course. Payment of scholarships financed by external bodies is subject to the payment of the amount owed by the institution to Tuscia University.

3. The frequency of payment of the scholarship is monthly. The amount is increased by up to 50% for any authorised periods of research spent abroad for a maximum of 12 months; the amount is increased for a maximum of 18 months for doctoral students who start a joint thesis supervision agreement with Tuscia University and a foreign institution. Within the financial resources existing in the budget, each PhD student is ensured a budget for research activity in Italy and abroad not less than 10% of the scholarship amount.

4. The cases of total or partial incompatibility for the use of the scholarship are established by current legislation. In particular, scholarship cannot be combined with research grants or other scholarships awarded for any reason, except with those granted by national or foreign institutions useful for integrating, with stays abroad, the activity of training or research of fellows and with funding from the MIUR Youth Fund. In case of incompatibility, students will have to reimburse the amount of money unduly received. Reimbursements refer to an academic year or fraction thereof. Students cannot be awarded the doctoral scholarship twice.

Head of Administrative Procedures: The Manager of Administrative Procedures, under Law no. 241 of 7 August 1990 and subsequent modifications and additions, is Mr Paolo Alfredo Capuani, Head of the Offerta Formativa Office, via S. Maria in Gradi n. 4, Viterbo. For information please contact the email address

Application and deadline:

1. The Deadline extended to: 28 August 2023 at 2 p.m. Central Europe Summer Time. Applications must be submitted only through the online platform available at  web page. Applicants must register on Portal Student (Portale dello Studente) platform first to get the credentials (username and password) to access the sign-up process. Qualifications and documents required by the chosen PhD program and indicated in the Program Information Sheet (Annex A) must be uploaded within the application.

Qualifications and documents must be attached as .pdf files and must not exceed 10MB each. Each file’s denomination must bear the candidate’s surname and the type of the qualification (e.g. surname_curriculumvitae). At the end of the online application procedure candidates must pay a € 25,00 application fee either directly by credit card (preferable option for applicants residing abroad) or print the PagoPA bulletin and pay at banks, post offices and authorized stores. This payment is compulsory for each application submitted.

3. Applications received by email or by any other way than the online platform will not be taken into consideration. Application submitted beyond deadline will be not taken into consideration and applicants will be excluded from the selection procedure. In case of application to more than one PhD Program, each application must be accompanied by the relevant qualifications and documents required. Applicants with a disability can benefit from a 50% additional time. Upon request, applicants with specific learning disorder can benefit from a 30% additional time. These requests must be submitted following information available in the online application procedure.

4. Applicants are kindly invited to submit their application well in advance before the deadline. Applicants are responsible for verifying the correct completion of the online procedure. After the submission is completed on the online procedure it is not possible to make changes or to add documentation. Complaints pertaining to any system malfunctioning due to website traffic overload close to deadline will not be accepted.

Call for Applications a.y. 2023/24 Deadline extended to: 28 August 2023 at 2 p.m. Central Europe Summer Time

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