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Dr. Da Chen’s group in Department of Food Science at Purdue University is looking for a highly motivated PhD student to join in Spring or Fall 2024 working on Plant Proteins with full financial support.

 Dr. Da Chen’s research group is actively seeking a highly motivated PhD student to join their team in Spring or Fall 2024. The student will be engaged in pioneering work focused on the development of plant protein ingredients through novel extraction approaches and advanced (bio)processing techniques.

These efforts aim to yield an ingredient with enhanced physicochemical properties and functionality, catering to a wide range of food applications, notably within the realm of plant-based meats.

Additionally, there is the opportunity for the student to participate in nutritional studies employing cellular and animal models. This position offers full financial support, including a stipend of $28,000 per year.


  • ▪ Be able to work independently
  • ▪ A master’s degree in Food Science or relevant discipline from a reputable institution
  • ▪ Has practical experience in protein extraction, characterization and physicochemical properties measurement
  • ▪ Has at least one senior authored publication from decent journals

To apply:

Please send your CV and research plan (2-3 pages) to Dr. Chen (chen3370@purdue.edu ) if you are interested. Only those who fit the position will be contacted

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