Post-doctoral researcher, Project researcher, Doctoral resarcher or Research Assistant, 3-4 positions in Food Sciences: The Lipid Research Group at the Food Sciences Unit at University of Turku is internationally leading in chemistry and biochemistry of lipids.

The Group is looking for new members to join the lipid research team specialized in the state-of-art technologies for resolving the regio- and stereospecific structures of lipids as well as the structure-function relationships of lipid molecules in natural fats and oils.

We are announcing 3-4 positions open for applications. The researchers recruited to these new positions will be working in two projects recently funded by Business Finland and the Research Council of Finland.

Position 1 & 2: 1-2 doctoral researcher/project researcher positions focusing on lipidomics and metabolomics research and in vitro study on the molecular mechanism of lipid digestion and absorption.

Position 3: a two-year postdoctoral researcher position focusing on lipidomics and metabolomics research

Position 4: 1-2 years full time or part-time position of a doctoral researcher/project researcher or postdoctoral researcher focusing on programming and software development for lipid analysis and data processing.     

The requirements and expectation of skills and experience: 

For positions 1-3, we are expecting the following from competent candidates:

  • The candidates shall hold a MSc or doctoral degree in food chemistry, food sciences, chemistry, analytical chemistry, or related field in bioscience.  
  • strong knowledge and hands on research experience lipid chemistry and analysis. Experience and skills in lipidomics and metabolomics will be considered as a special strength.
  • hands on experience and skills in chromatographic and mass spectrometric analysis and multivariate analysis.

For position 4, competent candidates should have Master’s or doctoral degree in computer sciences and information technology with experience in programming.

Position requirements: Our selection criteria are based on the principle of finding the most qualified and suitable candidate for the work. In practice, this means that not only education, publications and working experience but also personal qualities, communication and motivation factors and other relevant criteria will be considered.

A person selected for the position of Post-doctoral Researcher is required to have a doctoral degree and the ability to conduct independent scientific work as well as having the necessary teaching skills. On the other hand, a person selected for the post of Doctoral Researcher/Project Researcher is required to have a higher university degree.

The degree must be completed by the end of the application period. If the person does not have a Master’s degree yet, the title will be Research Assistant. All positions require excellent knowledge of oral and written Finnish and English.

Duration of contract: The period of employment will be two years starting from October 1, 2023 or later in autumn 2023  based on negotiation. 

A six (6) month trial period applies to the positions. The qualification requirements of the positions are written in the University of Turku Rules of Procedure.

What we offer you: The salary is based on the collective agreement of the Finnish universities. It is determined in accordance with the university salary system for teaching and research personnel and will depend on the degree, competence and qualifications of the applicant.

The salary for a doctoral researcher/project researcher will be in average 2400 – 2500 euro/month and for a post-doctoral researcher in average 3400 – 3600 euro/month. For a research assistant, the salary will be in average 2180 – 2250 euro/month.

Salaried positions in Finland automatically include payments to a pension fund, unemployment funds, an extensive occupational healthcare, affordable sports services and even a holiday allowance. All these positions belong to the personnel group of teaching and research personnel and have flexible working possibilities as we support a work-life balance.

 What to do next: Please submit your application through the online application system no later than 17.9.2023.

  Applications must have the following enclosures (in English):

  1. motivation letter (max 1 page) focusing on your strengths related to our research topics
  2. CV (max 2 pages)
  3. copies of degree certificates
  4. contact details for at least three referees (name, working place, e-mail address)
  5. for a post-doc position: a list of publications, highlighting the five most relevant ones

For further information, please don’t hesitate to contact our professor Baoru Yang  In case you need help with the application process, please turn to

Kindly use a link to the online application system: APPLY NOW

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