The zebrafish research group of Prof. Anna Jazwinska at the Department of Biology, University of Fribourg, Switzerland is looking for a motivated PhD student and a Postdoc with an interest in Regenerative Biology in Zebrafish. The positions are available on the projects:  “Heart and muscle regeneration in zebrafish”

The zebrafish provides a unique vertebrate model system for regeneration studies due to its genetic amenability and simple maintenance. We do not understand why the regeneration response varies among adult vertebrates. Our goal is to uncover how the adult zebrafish and other fish species can naturally recreate a near-perfect replica of the lost complex tissue.

Our specific aim is to identify the intrinsic genetic programs and external signals that support the regenerative plasticity of the regeneration-competent cells. This undertaking will demand the generation of transgenic fish lines, CRISPR/Cas9 system technology, pharmacological approaches, transcriptome analysis, and imaging techniques. A conceptual and molecular understanding of natural regeneration in lower vertebrates will help to build a foundation for regenerative medicine.

We offer an exciting working environment where quality, professionalism and human contacts are paramount. The candidate will have the opportunity to be part of a dynamic team and provide a meaningful contribution to the identification of biological mechanisms underlying organ regeneration in teleost fish.

We are seeking highly motivated candidates, preferentially with experience with animal model organisms. Candidates must have good knowledge of the English language, and either French or German communication skills.

Starting date by arrangement. Salary according to institutional guidelines. Please send a CV, a brief description of previous research experience and the names of three references.

Prof. Anna Jazwinska

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