My lab has an immediate opening for a Ph.D. position starting Spring 2024. This position will be supported by a recent National Science Foundation-funded project to explore using microalgae as a sustainable future biofactory for producing a wide range of bioproducts including nutrients, biomaterials, and biologics (e.g., peptides, recombinant proteins, vaccines).

This position will give you an opportunity to explore broad topic areas and gain critical skills for future biomanufacturing including microalgae cultivation and gene editing using CRISPR/Cas9, photobioreactor design/construction/automation/digitalization, systems optimization and engineering using AI, techno-economic analysis, etc.

Candidates with a strong record in algae biology and/or background in biological/chemical/food engineering plus excellent communication skills are strongly encouraged to apply. Please reach out to me directly through email at with a brief description of your qualifications.

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