University of Torino – Call for the Admission to PhD positions – XXXIX Cycle – a.y. 2023/2024 with scholarships cofunded by NPRR NODES-Deadline: 19th October 2023 at 12:00 (noon, Central Europe Summer Time)

The Call for the admission to the following PhD Programmes of the 39th cycle is open at the University of Turin with the assignment of doctoral scholarships co-funded by NPRR “NODES”.

The selection and assignment of scholarships takes place on specific topics, for a description of which please refer to the Information Sheet (Annex 1), available at the NODES Call webpage. The University of Turin has collected the expressions of interest from companies, aimed at presenting research projects for doctoral scholarships co-funded by such companies within the NODES project as part of the 39th cycle, a.y. 2023-2024.

The positions in this Call of the University of Turin concern the following PhD programmes: Business and Management, Experimental Medicine and Therapy, Computer Science, Innovation for the Circular Economy, Cultural Heritage and Historical-Artistic Audiovisual and Multimedia Production. Agricultural, Forest and Food Sciences, Chemical and Material Sciences, Earth Sciences

Available positions may be consulted in the Information sheet (Annex 1). Positions with scholarchip marked by the item “Under reserve” will start only if the specific agreement is signed (in the process of being signed when the Call has been signed) with the company/body funding the scholarship.

Any updates will be published on the Information sheet (Annex 1), specifying if the position is confirmed or not. Specific information and the Curriculum Vitae template (Annex 2) are an integral part of this Call. The Information Sheet (Annex 1) is published on the Doctoral School website at the NODES Call webpage, along with the Curriculum Vitae template (Annex 2)

The detailed information is the following: number of positions with scholarships, and their research projects; admission requirements; selection mode; evaluation criteria. Updatings are possible within and not beyond the Call deadline concerning the following: any additional positions; the list of available research projects.

Call for the Admission to PhD Programs – 39° Cycle – a.y. 2023/2024 – with scholarships co-funded  by the NRRP “NODES” – Digital and Sustainable North West- project


Call for Applications: start 19th September 2023 – deadline 19th October 2023 at 12:00 (noon) CEST time

Call (Courtesy translation)open_in_new

Information Sheet/Annex 1open_in_newPlease, note that the Info Sheet may be amended or updated until the deadline.

The CV template (Annex 2) and the link to the online platform PICA to submit your application  are available in the section “Fare domanda/How to apply” (please, see among tags at the top of the page).
To submit your application, click on “Fare Domanda/How to apply”, at top of the page.

Composition of the Examining Board, dates of entrance examinations and selections results are published under the section “Selezioni/Selections” (please, see among tags at the top of the page).

Final ranking list is published under the section “Graduatorie finali/Final rankings” (please, see among tags at the top of the page).

Applicants are encouraged to submit their applications well in advance. Indeed, complaints pertaining to any malfunctioning system due to website traffic overload close to the deadline will not be accepted. Deadline is 19/10/2023.

Please, in case of doubts, read the FAQs before contacting the Ph.D. Office.

Contact: E-mail:  Telefono : 0116709624

Call webpage

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