The Studentenring has been offering individual tutoring for students for many years. To strengthen our team, we are looking for students, graduates and doctoral candidates who are interested in helping students with their academic problems. Teachers are in demand for all school subjects, types of schools and grade levels.

Lessons usually take place at the student’s home. The number of students to be taught is determined by the teacher.

The STUDENTENRING also offers those interested who have not yet given tutoring lessons the opportunity to look after students through a specially developed pedagogical concept.

This is what we offer…

• an interesting and varied job on a fee basis

• Relaxed individual tutoring with free scheduling

• Online tutoring, if requested by the customer

• a tutoring concept specially developed by the Student Ring to support you

• Free choice of subjects and grade level to be taught

• a modern student placement/student management system

• a fee of EUR 17 to EUR 19 per hour with gradual increases

• Student suggestions where you can tell us your desired fee

• Travel reimbursement of EUR 0.50/km, depending on the student’s place of residence

• Effortless online billing of the lessons taught

You can find further information at  or register directly at  and receive your personal applicant package.

We look forward to seeing you.

Student ring headquarters

Dipl. Kfm. Arnulf Mende

Nürnberger Straße 38

95448 Bayreuth

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Contact person:

Arnulf Mende

Student ring


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