Research Fellow (65%, PhD student) – crop production in vertikal agrivoltaik plants: Research into the agronomic use of vertical agriphotovoltaic systems

Within the framework of the Agriphotovoltaic (APV) project VAckerBio2, the arable use in a vertical APV system is tested and scientifically investigated. For this purpose, field trials are being carried out at the Ihinger Hof (shading trial) and practical plants in Wellingen (Saarland) and Donaueschingen-Aasen.

The aim of the project is to investigate the effects of the vertical APV system on arable crop production, plant yield and cultivation costs. In addition, different concepts for the maintenance of the green strips under the module rows will be developed and tested, with the aim to promote agrobiodiversity without compromising PV productivity and arable land use.

The position (TVL E13, 65%) is subject to final funding approval by the funding body DBU and will be awarded for a limited period of 3 years for further qualification in the context of a PhD/doctorate.

An above average agricultural science or comparable MSc. Degree is required. Very good German and English language skills, as well as a German class B driver’s license are required.
Experience in field trial execution, data collection and analysis, image analysis and a drone driver’s license are advantageous.

Application deadline : 23.10.2023

Please attach the following documents to your application:



The University of Hohenheim accepts applications via a secure internet site. To the application

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