I am looking for multiple Ph.Ds and Postdocs to work on exciting projects at the interface of quantitative microbial ecology and genomics.

A major limitation in microbial ecology is that most of environmental genetic variability is uncharacterized. This means that when we look at environmental samples, most of the time we simply have no idea whats really going on.

We want to generate insane volumes of data for AI to learn how to translate genomic sequences (or interactions between alleles on a chromosome) into useful ecological functions like carbon and nitrogen utilization profiles.

On top of this, we will also develop quantitative models to map how the combination of functions in a specific community leads to the overall emergent community function.

Finally, our lab aspires to promote a “no hierarchy” approach (!!!), and a strong commitment to mutual-aid both in and outside the lab.

To apply: Applicants with experimental, computational, or theory backgrounds are encouraged to apply! Email: shaul.pollak.pasternak@univie.ac.at

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